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Wedding Photographer Dorking

Many couples getting married in the Dorking area are searching for a local wedding photographer who can provide an excellent standard of traditional wedding photography. Unlike some of the more contemporary styles of wedding photography that are growing popular, the traditional style will focus on shots that capture the key events of the day, such as the cutting of the wedding cake, and ‘posed’ group shots.

Group photographs

Choosing which group shots you wish to capture shouldn’t be too difficult, as your Dorking wedding photographer should be able to help you create a list. They can then work through this list on the day to ensure you get all the group photographs you want. Typically, a list of wedding group photos might include the bride and groom with the following:

  • their families
  • the bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • their children (if they have any)
  • their group of friends
  • the whole wedding party.

Tips for successful traditional photography

It’s important to remember that taking group shots can take some time, so you should think about how to keep your guests entertained or given refreshments while the photographs are being taken. It’s also a good idea to have a member of the wedding party who is responsible for finding the right people for each group photograph just in time, so your Dorking wedding photographer can finish all the images as quickly as possible, leaving you and your guests free to enjoy the rest of your big day.

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